cancer conation pic

Winner of Print, Dennis, Kenny Frank(Organizer of Lies or Eyes)          Donation to Cancer Association

welcome to banquet
Welcome to the 2011 Banquet
committee at work
Malinda selling raffle tickets
committee at work 2
Committee working the raffle table
committee at work 3
Gun Raffle
president at work
President hard at work
raffle table
Raffle Table
raffle table
Committee working hard
gun raffle
Selling raffle tickets

Vice Pres. helping out
fire dept raffle
2011 Fire Dept Raffle

Left to right: Dave Nickel, Dennis Hoffman,
George Wiess, Scott Zuehls.  We presented
The Marquette County ATV club with a check
to help get atv trails going in Marquette County.

 Club Site;  
 ATV Club Flyer

check presentation
Fox River Chapter Meeting Schedule