Wisconsin Deerhunters Inc.(WDHI) is a non-profit 501 C 3  state-wide organization with chapters throughout the state.

As set forth in its Articles of Incorporation, the sole purpose of this organization is: “The promotion and study of the whitetail deer, to include the financial support of the organizations and institutions doing research of the whitetail deer, disease control, Wisconsin Hunters Education, and deer/bear studies.”

State officers and directors are elected by chapter delegates. Officers and directors are not paid salaries or commissions.

WDHI, was started in October 1988. Local chapters sponsor banquets and other fund raisers to raise money for the projects and other events. Each local chapter retains 100% of the net proceeds for its own use. Each chapter then uses their funds for projects in their local area.

State Organization
Every chapter chooses 2 directors to serve on the State Executive Board. In addition, each chapter is represented by 2 delegates who vote fund dispersal and projects. All election of officers and disbursement of money are decided in an annual state meeting.

State Money
At the annual meeting 100% of the money collected from local chapters is spent on projects in Wisconsin. Some of the projects that have been undertaken include starting programs for the disabled hunters, Adopt a Deer program, helping Hunter Education Programs, the deer/bear study, financing trails, and many others. At the annual meeting, total and complete financial records are distributed to all delegates and directors.

Local Chapters
Each chapter is self- governing and elects its own officers. The retained portions from banquets can be used as it wishes. Most chapters meet monthly or at intervals that they decide are necessary.

Moving Forward
The Whitetail deer is Wisconsin’s trophy animal. The total deer herd of the state is in excess of 1 million animals. Every person in Wisconsin, both hunter and non-hunter has been touched by the Whitetail. Our ongoing project is to support Hunter’s safety programs throughout the state.

Join the WDHI. Join the organization that is working for you and the whitetail. For banquet and chapter information call, write, or email any of the local chapters or the state headquarters.