NASP Nationals Picture
Picture Description: (Kneeling left to right) Allison Hallfrisch, Stephanie Galien, Jacob Tienor, Jason Godersky, Rylee Gollata, Mason Gollata, and Jacob Siebold (Second Row left to right) Coach Koch Elizabeth Voda, Jarrett Weier, Andrew Eberhardt, Ashley Wachholz, Lauren Imhoff, Andrew Hubbartt, and Jacob Schindler (Back row left to right) Morgan Tienor, Rachel Murray, Andrew Kumbalek, Joshua Shavlik, Alec Dose, Ian Siebold, Bryan Kelly and Elizabeth Tlachac

NASP National Tournament
Twenty -two Manitowoc Public School District/Manitowoc Park and Recreation Archery Club members participated in the National Archery in the Schools Program National Archery Championships in Louisville, Kentucky on May 11th. In 2012 this event was certified by Guinness®World Records as the largest archery tournament in the world with 7,804 archers officially participating. This year 9,839 archers were registered. These participants are divided into three divisions Elementary, Middle School, and High School. All the students from Manitowoc shot together in the High School Team Division, for a combined score of 2975. The MPSD/Park & Recreation Archery Club would like to give a special thank you, to the following organizations, Izaak Walton League Manitowoc Chapter, Manitowoc Professional Police Association, Manitowoc County Fish and Game (City & County Chapters), Brunner’s Archery and Outfitters, Kwik Trip, Manitowoc Noon Rotary and Deerhunters Inc. for their support in making this opportunity possible. Listed below are individual scores.

Lincoln High School
Score               Shooter
263/300             LAUREN IMHOFF
261/300             BRYAN KELLY
247/300             ANDREW KUMBALEK
243/300             STEPHANIE GALIEN
241/300             ALEC DOSE
239/300             ASHLEY WACHHOLZ
198/300             RACHEL MURRY
194/300             MASON GOLLATA
Washington Jr. High                           
272/300              JOSH SHAVLIK
266/300              IAN SIEBOLD
254/300              ALLISON HALLFRISCH
251/300              JACOB SIEBOLD
219/300              ELIZABETH VODA
219/300              ANDREW EBERHARDT
217/300              RYLEE GOLLATA
215/300              JASON GODERSKY
211/300              JACOB SCHINDLER
205/300              ANDREW HUBBARTT
193/300              JARRETT WEIER
Wilson Jr. High
214 /300                MORGAN TIENOR
Stangel Elementary    
210 /300                        JACOB TIENOR

On May 12th

State Vice President and Chapter President
Clarence Plansky

were Enshrined into Manitowoc Co. Conservationist
Hall of Fame.

hall of fame picture