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  I received this today.  I checked it out and APHIS is collecting public opinions prior to revising rules and regulations governing the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection in regards to CWD.  THE RESPONSE PERIOD ENDS APRIL 30.
1.  Click on "Take Action Now"
2.  I deleted most of the pre-written comments and added my own in the personal comments box
3.  I couldn't add my name in the requested area, so I added it and the requested information in the comments box.
4.  It only takes the time you spend adding your thoughts.
4.  Hit send.

In verifying this, I read an area that indicated they had received 26 responses to this or a similar poll.
Maybe we can add to that.


Dear Wild Deer and Conservation Enthusiast,

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is currently revising their standards for CWD management on deer farms, and they need to hear from deer hunters across the country. The agency is currently seeking comments from the public on this important program. The National Deer Alliance has teamed up with some of our strongest partners, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Archery Trade Association, QDMA, National Wildlife Federation, and Wildlife Management Institute, to create an opportunity for concerned citizens to easily provide comments.

Take action now by clicking here to contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture and let them know how you feel about CWD, and its impact on our precious and invaluable wild deer resource. Deer hunting is the single most popular form of hunting in the United States, with 9.2 million Americans participating each year, contributing more than $20 billion in economic activity, state and local taxes, and wildlife restoration trust fund excise taxes. Deer hunters play an essential role in the "user pays, public benefits" framework of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Reductions in deer hunting and the number of deer hunters have reverberating impacts that extend far beyond deer and deer hunting directly, including state fish and wildlife agency budgets and their broader fish and wildlife management work, and rural economic health.

Please share this alert widely and encourage your friends and family who are concerned about the future of wild deer, and broader wildlife conservation, to submit their comments.








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