Lee Krumbach with his award winning Wisconsin giant.These pix are of  Lee Krumbach who has been handicapped the past 10 years. For the last three years he has killed a doe and a buck. Last year's buck was a 10 pointer and was the biggest of all the handicapped kills. This year he got this monster, 253 lbs field dressed, 8 points, and not a tooth in his mouth. He won a free $395.00 head mount for the biggest buck in the handicapped hunt

lee with his buck old deer no teeth
He was an old timer, no teeth.

Charles O'Brien,

Charles O'Brien, President of the Woodland Chapter of the Wisconsin Deerhunters

lee and his deer

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youth pheasant hunt pic 1
There is instruction, dog work, and youth hunters who get one shell, a mentor and a parent with them.
Dnr safety instructions had just taken place

grampa and hunter
Grandfather and successful hunter(Grandson).
Successful Hunter
Successful Hunter
Pheasant released from trap
Pheasant released from trap in foreground
Dog Handler and Dog
Dog handler Mike Duffy and well trained dog.
Youth Shooting under watchful eye
Youth shooting at pheasant under a mentors watchful eye
successful hunter with pheasant
Successful hunt